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We are an outcome-focused building designer specialising in bespoke renovation work.


We have a genuine care factor for our clients, and a love of beautiful composition.


We transform your house into your forever home.

Form Follows Function

How you want to live in your home should be the starting point for its design.

Director and head designer at Eternas; Ruth Francis is known for her ability to capture the essence of her client's vision and bring it to life.


timeless building design


At Eternas, the immense care factor that we have for our clients and their renovations is what sets us apart.

We develop a deep understanding of your family's needs and requirements and create solutions specifically for them.


Ruth Francis


Over her expansive career, Ruth has continually developed and refined her process for designing

a client's Forever Home.

Driven by her love of design, her outcome-focused approach, and her genuine care factor for her clients, the 'Forever Method' was born.

"Your home determines much of the quality of your life. As your life changes, so do your needs. My vision was to create a business that could show clients opportunities they may never have considered.

Everyone has a vision of how they want their life to be. Our goal as a company is to bring the essence of that vision to life and give you a glimpse of what life could look like for you and your family in your new, forever home."

inspiration gallery

Curated to stimulate your creative side and gently push your boundaries

the forever method


This is the creative and collaborative part of our process. Your answers help us craft the vision of what your future life will look like in your forever home.

We work together to develop the concept sketches and ideas. We explore what you love about your current home, and what you feel is missing, or could be improved upon.


Together we will craft your vision into something tangible. Something we can see and feel and begin to fall in love with.


This is the stage in the process where the vision we have crafted together starts to take shape, and slowly starts to become a reality.

The initial sketches are transformed into working drawings, and the detail starts to come into the plans. 

We ensure that our design meets all the standards and codes that exist for your property and its zoning.


Once approval is obtained, considerations begin for the fixtures, fittings, finishes and furnishings for your new home.

We implement the design details to enable easy comparison of the build tenders and ensure that the construction process is smooth and without unnecessary delays or complications.

Stage 3 completes our redesign process, and from here we will be ready to commence the construction process of your forever home.

We don't have case studies, we tell love stories


it 's a love story

We are with you, every step of the way, from start to finish

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We create, we coordinate and we guide.
From concept to completion; we are with you.


In a modern, disposable world, people have lost the appreciation for timeless design.

Gone are the days of spending years crafting a structure that will last a century.

At Eternas, we bring that endless love back to the architectural journey.


We give you, your forever home.

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